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Why do Most Casinos Offer Free Bonuses?

Is there a catch?

Bonus are always a good thing because they allow you to play more. The way these casinos work is that they offer you a bonus, but they have certain requirements to withdraw the bonus. (Be aware of the bonus requirements of every casino by reading their fine print)

For instance, they might offer a 100% bonus up to $300 with a 25X WR (wager requirement). This means if you deposit $300, then you will have $600 to play with. But you must wager a total of $15000 before you can withdraw. This seems like a lot, but it really isn't. You wouldn't wager the entire amount at once, but maybe in small increments over time and they all count towards the WR. The casinos hope that by the time they have completed the WR, most players will loose money because of the house edge.

This is not a fail-proof plan for the casinos because with random numbers generators the projections work in the long run. Any really lucky players regardless of skill and strategy can suddenly hit, say, the progressive jackpot at one the slots or even be lucky enough to win some money in successive smaller amounts.

For casinos, bonuses are an overall good promotion because it does bring in a lot of business. However, there are people they call "bonus abusers" or "bonus hunters" who seek out good bonuses, deposit and clear the bonus using perfect strategy blackjack for example, and then withdraw the profits.

The online casinos have to do this because of the amount of competition there is online. Land-based casinos have the advantage of geography to limit competition. Land-based casinos can also offer comps like rooms and meals. The only thing an online casino can offer is money.

They say casinos are built by the many who loose. True! But without the occasional big winner they wouldn't exist. Take it as entertainment. Risk what you can afford ...dream of winning, cross your fingers, rub your amulet but don't count on winning every time. Good luck!

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